i made this transparent bolt for my blog, so i thought i’d share it~

One Piece of Concept Art per Walt Disney Animation Studios Movie [48/53] - BoltCharacter Research 
mellifluouscacophony: I really like your Tumblr! I didn't know there was a fandom for Bolt. I hope this Tumblr lasts awhile; I like the concept art and fanart posts!

This was probably sent ages ago but thank you! It’s not every day we get compliments like this :) Technically, there isn’t a fandom (there was at one point but it has since faded), but we’re trying our best to preserve this be-awesome movie.

- Amanda

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Bolt by Pocketowl

A perfect fit!
- Amanda

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Kraken is out of the box - by metalfox
With some slight edits made to make a bit less suggestive (original can be found by following the link).
Also, freaking cute!